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Yellowstone Animation

Asset/Character Designer & Animator

One of my main goals as a designer is to create artwork that helps educate and inspire thought. This project allowed me to do just that, educate. 


I worked alongside the company VocaTales, where I was responsible for designing interesting and exciting artwork to help visualize the narrator's dialog. The target audience for this project was children and the topic was trophic cascade. Although this might be a difficult topic to explain to children the colorful and cartoonish characters I designed helped to maintain focus and make the content more easily digestible. 


This was the first major animation project I was a part of and I learned a lot through the process. I also took this opportunity to learn Adobe Animate which was an integral tool in the design process. Through exploration, trial, and error I was able to fully develop a two-minute-long animation that synced up perfectly with the pre-recorded dialog provided by the company.

Overall, this was an incredibly fun project that I was able to not only educate the target audience but also myself throughout the process.

  • Adobe Animate for animations
  • Adobe Illustrator for character & scene design
  • Adobe After Effects & Premiere for polishing
  • Media Encoder for publishing
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