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Sprocket Pug

Logo Design & Branding

SprocketPug was designed to bring traditional media into the digital age. I was in charge of working alongside the company's founders and designing a logo that emboldens the branding and company identity. 


The target audience focused on individuals between the ages of 40-65. Through research and surveys, this demographic appears to hold a substantial amount of old media that can be converted into digital media. 


The logo I created embodies the two components of the company's name. First, sprocket references the small rectangular holes in 35mm film. Second, the pug is a type of mascot for the company. Combining these two ideas, I went with a simplistic yet clean-looking line design. I believe this provides a fun and professional feel to consumers.


Overall this project spanned over 2 months with weekly check-ins for critiques and design progress. 

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Analog Drawing for Initial Concept
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