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Loch Down

Designer, Animator, & Coder

Through my experience as a designer, I have found the best way to strengthen a skill or learn a new skill altogether is by actively working in the medium. This was the case for the Loch Down project, to become more familiar with coding in C# I decided to start developing my own indie game.


 Initially, the project was solely for learning how to code but through many revisions and ideations, I have found that this personal project has evolved into a passion project. I am currently creating new artwork, animations, characters, enemies, environments, UI, and other assets while simultaneously working in C# to bring my art to life. 


Although this project is currently still in production I have high hopes for this project and look forward to continuing design and learning. The goal is to publish the game onto the Steam Store and present it at PAX East.

  • Aseprite for design & animation
  • Illustrator for UI and title screen
  • Unity for game development
  • Visual Studio for coding
  • After Effects for animation effects
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