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Matt Mudgett

Graphic, Print & Interactive Designer



Hello! My name is Matt and I am a graphic designer by day, indie game developer by night. My passion for design was born when I first picked up a yellow game boy color at the age of six. It was incredible to see the creations of creative minds come to life and directly interact with users. This connection, between design and clients continues to shape my creative process to this day.

 I graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2018 with a bachelors degree in Game Design & Development but wanted take my design skills to the next level so I received my masters degree in communication & interactive media with a focus in UI/UX. With the continuously evolving field of digital design I am always learning new software and techniques to develop unique creations. From digital marketing, social media, UI/UX, graphic design, game design and digital printing I have a history of wearing multiple hats and working alongside some truly talented people.

Being a designer is an extremely rewarding as you get to see the impact your creations have with businesses, clients and consumers. My goals is to continue to create artwork that drives conversations, educates and inspires.

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